Stadthaus Paderborn

The following image can be used free of charge . Copyright: Gärtner & Christ


The following image can be used free of charge . Copyright: behet bondzio lin architekten


The city of Paderborn has deliberately decided to create a place of personal encounter with the Stadthaus Paderborn project. Personal meeting between the citizens as well as personal meeting between citizens and employees of the city administration of Paderborn. In addition, the range of facilities and offers that are to be bundled in the new house offers ideal conditions.

 With our design, we try to create the optimal location for this concept by bringing together all conditions such as urban density, topography, and the richness of the program, in a central interior. This public space, which develops over three storeys, offers optimal conditions for daily business for the various city offers. In this way, the visitor is granted an overview of the further activities of individual protagonists of the city society through various visual and pathway relationships, almost casually. (see the sketchy perspective illustrations).

Outside, we give the house a strong identity as a public building on Marienplatz. The division of the volume, derived from the surrounding urban space and striking topography, creates a classical building figure that consciously establishes a relationship with the historic town hall.

By staggering the building volume in height and depth, the predominant urban size of Paderborn's inner city is recorded. The adjoining buildings at Marienplatz and the city administration department at the Abdinghof provide suitable transitions, which are based on eaves heights and road profiles.

 The predominant urban planning as well as free space planning motive is the landscape handling of the topography. Already at the Marienplatz arises in contrast to the present situation, a reference to the unique urban green space of the adjacent Pader spring area. With the cascade-like staircase in the service center, the theme also becomes the defining design theme of the interior.